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Creating a memorial may be unfamiliar. You may have questions like – what are my options? Or where do I start? Major Erickson Funeral Home is here to help guide you through that process. Sunburst Memorials, a complete manufacturer of granite memorials offers a vast array of colors, styles, finishes and design elements. With our technology we can create a design from your photographs and imagination that is truly personal and unique.

Sunburst Memorials use state of the art technology and gives you innovative options you may not even know exist. Together we can create an everlasting tribute to commemorate and honor your loved one for you and generations to come. With our unique approach, we will help you create your personal, one-of-a-kind memorial. Let us show you the difference. Peace of mind is priceless, purchase from someone you can trust. Call us or stop by today to learn more. You can also visit the website here.



Reasons to Memorialize:

•  Provides a physical place to visit and reflect on your loved one’s life and know that they will always be “nearby”

•  It assists with closure and emotional healing

•  A visible sign of how we value life, making a permanent record of existence

•  It keeps the memory of your loved one alive

•  To trace your family heritage for generations to come

•  To share your life story and honor a life well lived

•  To be a part of your community history

•  It’s often the last thing you can do for an individual’s dignity.



MonumentsMonument Materials

Physical monuments can be created using a number of different materials. Our monument provider offers several different colors of granite grave markers and headstones, as well as cast bronze options. Granite memorials can be configured in a number of different shapes (described below), while bronze markers typically lie flush with the burial ground. Both materials can be used to create monuments at a wide variety of price points to suit your family’s needs.




Monument Configurations

We offer a number of different monument styles, giving you the opportunity to commemorate your loved one’s life in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. Use the following configuration descriptions as a starting place for the memorial planning process:

  • Upright Monuments
    Upright monuments include a vertical top portion (known as the “die”) and a horizontal mounting piece (referred to as the “base”). Upright monuments may be designed as both single and double memorials.

  • Flat or Flush Marker
    Flat markers can be constructed of either granite or bronze and lie flat at the head of the grave site. Flat markers are typically 3-4” thick and can be created in either single or double widths.

  • Bevel Marker
    A bevel marker includes a flat surface that is raised above the burial plot with a slight bevel from front to back. Both individual and companion monuments are available in this configuration.

  • Slant Marker
    Slant markers include a front panel that is slanted away from the burial site, with the rear edge raised higher than the front. The front panels on these markers can be flat, oval or serpentine in shape and can include burial information for one or two plots.

  • Specialty Monuments
    Our monument provider is capable of creating benches, crosses or other specialty memorials according to your specifications. Please note that your choice of final resting place may dictate the types of monuments that may be used. Contact our office for more information on your chosen grave site or final resting place.

Monument Ornamentation

Once you have selected your monument materials and configuration, a number of different ornamentation options exist to allow you to personalize your memorial. Please note that the size and style of your chosen monument may limit the amount of ornamentation you are able to include. Contact our office for more information on the following options:

  • Ornamental Carving
    Our monument provider offers more than 300 images and themes that can be carved into your memorial, either by hand or with the use of a sand-blaster. These images include religious symbols, flowers, birds, sports iconography, frames and more.

  • Ornamental Etching
    Offering both hand and laser etching allows our monument provider to create finely-detailed drawings that are etched into the finish of your chosen memorial. We are able to offer a wide selection of different etched images or transfer any drawing you provide to your monument.
  • Ornamental Lettering
    Any words to be included on your monument (including the name of the deceased, life dates, quotes, scripture verses and more) can be stylized using a number of different fonts and carving techniques. Contact our office for a full list of all available options.

We understand that the process of selecting a permanent monument for your loved one can feel overwhelming. Our office is here to assist you in any way possible with your final decision. If there is anything we can do to support you during this time, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.